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GIOVAGNINI serving home-made quality for 3 generations! 


In the heart of Italy, in Umbria, in the green valley of the Tevere (Valtiberina), our firm is located, founded in 1969 by Giovagnini Gualtiero that, wisely has known how to give his art in foodstuffs preparation to the products of the Nature.

Stabilimento di S.Giustino

The raw materials are selected meticulously; only the best will become "GIOVAGNINI, QUALITY".

In oil, in vinegar, in salt or in water-and-salt foodstuffs:
1854.gif (326 byte) appetizers

1854.gif (326 byte) dried tomatoes
1854.gif (326 byte) mushrooms
1854.gif (326 byte) artichoke
1854.gif (326 byte) mixed vegetables
1854.gif (326 byte) salad,
1854.gif (326 byte) olives,
1854.gif (326 byte) gherkins,
1854.gif (326 byte) onions,
1854.gif (326 byte) capers,
1854.gif (326 byte) sauces,
1854.gif (326 byte) seafood salads or appetizers,
1854.gif (326 byte) customized foodstuffs on request.

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