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 The Giovagnini Family has worked in the food industry from the early 1900’s. In fact, the first family business was founded in this period, mainly marketing olive oil and producing legumes, vegetables and cold cuts.“Grandfather Attilio” lived in Cospaia,  not far from San Giustino (Perugia) between Umbria and Tuscany , where he mainly worked as a farmer ( COSPAIA: a small village  that still retains traces of the antique Republic of Cospaia, created by chance due to a mistake in tracing the borders between the Papal State and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The people were able to keep their freedom for well-over 4 centuries during which they successfully carried out business with the two bordering states. In fact they were the first in Italy to start cultivating tobacco. They lost their independence in 1826.). In this area, in an antique building called “Dogana(so called because it was the old barrack that controlled the borders between the two states) which still belonged to the Family, Attilio Giovagnini started his commercial activity.His son Gualtiero continued to run the business and develop it further. In 1967 Gualtiero Giovagnini decided to transfer the activity to nearby Sansepolcro (AREZZO), an industrial center in the north of the Tiber valley, headquarter for many international leading companies like Nestlè Buitoni (pasta) and INGRAM (shirts). In the historical center and specifically in the rooms of an antique building (the Dotti building, 15th century), Gualtiero Giovagnini founded the first laboratory for the production of pickled food and food in oil with the precious help of his wife Angela Verrazzani. The following years were spent trying to study the best techniques for the preservation of food in jars. They wanted to apply these techniques to the antique recipes from Umbria and Tuscany handed down by their parents. In the early 90’s, their son Giovanni felt the activity had reached a turning point. The business needed a new and more modern site where new systems and technologies could be installed to fully meet the increasing market demand, even from abroad. In 1997 a new site was thus opened in San Giustino(Perugia), in the thriving Tiber valley (it takes its name from the Tiber river, which rises in the mountains and flows through Rome in its last course), between Umbria and Tuscany along an important artery (E45), not far from Cospaia, that ancient village where many years ago “Grandfather Attilio” started his business.





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